Innovation drives the Stem ecosystem with advanced tech working behind the scenes so you don’t have to.

Deep Learning

Stem utilizes neural networks to improve echo-canceling, de-reverb, and noise cancellation algorithms.

Superior Array Performance

New methods of optimized microphone placement and beam design improve Stem’s overall performance for a given aperture and microphone count.

Pickup Clarity

Stem’s redefined processes for measuring voice quality uses a proprietary combination of multiple industry standards including PESQ and STOI.

Enhanced Beamforming

True beamforming techniques for smaller apertures enable Stem to do full beamforming, even in smaller footprint products like Stem Table.

Product Design

Advanced acoustic designs:

  • Microphone and speaker separation via a bottom facing driver and overall sound disbursement utilizing mounting surfaces in Stem Table
  • The use of full-range speakers and subwoofers in Stem Wall
  • 100-microphone array in Stem Ceiling.

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