From design to implementation, Stem was created to give anyone the freedom to blend audio into any room and achieve a fully customizable solution


Take the guessing game out of designing and speccing your room before you buy

Know exactly which products are right for your meeting space before you even make a purchase. Recreate your room virtually to see the estimated coverage range of Stem devices. Play around with unit placement and quantities without the hassle of buying and returning devices.

Design My Room


One simple connection and you’re done

A single Ethernet connection is all you need for your Stem solutions. Each unit will be powered by your network and alleviate the need for additional power outlets or proprietary cabling.


Get an objective room audio clarity heat map after you install a room

Our proprietary algorithm allows you to see the clarity of voice pick-up from anywhere in the room. RoomCheck will show you an accurate heat-map of your room’s audio pickup so that you can make sure you’re always heard from anywhere in the room.


Tuning your room has never been easier

No two rooms have the same acoustic signature. Stem’s RoomAdapt technology analyzes your room’s acoustics at the touch of a button and automatically adjusts settings to ensure your products are optimized for best audio clarity.

Remote Management

Monitor your ecosystem from anywhere over the network

Remote management allows you to monitor usage, generate reports, and receive alerts from anywhere, in real-time, so you can address issues before a meeting is interrupted.

Intuitive Design

Use what you already know

Stem’s user interface integrates seamlessly with all major video conferencing platforms. Avoid the unnecessary learning curve often associated with new technology adoption and create an enjoyable and familiar experience for everyone.

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