The Creation of Stem

The seeds of Stem were planted by the realization that there was something missing in the audio conferencing industry.

We saw that the offerings on the market were not complete solutions or up to par with today’s technology standards. In order to create a complete solution, we needed to first determine what it truly meant for a solution to be “complete”.

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What was missing?

We started by looking at how people use technology in their everyday lives and found that the simplicity of consumer devices was not present in audio products for the B2B world. After hundreds of conversations and thousands of questions answered by everyday users, IT professionals, consultants, designers, and architects, Stem identified six problems common to almost every individual we came across.

Designing a room is extremely time consuming and requires a lot of guesswork.

After figuring out which products you need, then comes the dreaded install. The majority of installs are expensive and include complicated wiring and hours, if not days, of programming.

Once everything is set up,  you have to test the room by walking around saying, “testing, testing 1, 2, 3” or hope someone is available to jump on a video call to test the audio from the other side. A week later, the user calls you back saying that the audio sounds terrible. Now you have to go back on-site and test the room all over again.

Stem Ceiling in board room
Stem Audio products in conference room

Most products are confined to and labeled for specific types of rooms. For instance, a product designed for a huddle room could never work in a large boardroom. With today’s solutions, each room has a different product from a different manufacturer, and you are stuck with the cookie-cutter device that was given to you.

With so many pieces of technology that go into a modern conference room, IT professionals need to have the ability to remotely monitor the status of each piece of the “tech-puzzle” installed in their conference rooms, including audio. When there is an issue, they want to be the first to know. For complete peace of mind, they should be able to go online and see the status of every device in one place.

Often times, when you adopt new technology, there is training involved for both the IT professionals and end-users. Training everyone to use new technology correctly can be extremely time-consuming. Typically, the more training required to use something, the less use it gets.

After identifying all these problems, we developed the Stem Difference, based on bringing the consumer experience and UI standards to audio for collaboration spaces.

We quickly realized a new speakerphone was not enough and began creating a complete solution, which grew to become the “ecosystem.”

Stem Control with zoom software

The Stem ecosystem addresses and solves every one of these challenges with a toolbox of five networkable products that can be mixed and matched into any size meeting room.

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conference room ceiling microphone

From design to implementation, Stem supports you every step of the way.

Stem solutions introduce never-before-seen audio innovations in technology and features including design and management tools, deep learning, and true beamforming.

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